Jim James dreamed of a place that the alcoholic and their family could visit that was similar to a country club, but was free from alcohol. That dream came true in the 101 Club. It is a rural recreational setting on 80 acres of land, allowing the alcoholic and their family to learn to laugh and play together.

The Jim James Memorial 101 Club provides camping with tent space, swimming pools, horseshoe pits, softball tournaments, pot-luck dinners, badminton, fishing, paddle boating, dances, a concession stand and much opportunity for fellowship. WFC also runs a Bingo game every Sunday afternoon to help support the club. We also have an ATM at the club.

One of the last things Jim James created, was a cemetery at the 101 Club. His wish was that no alcoholic, no matter how poor, would have to be buried in a pauper's grave. Instead, he could be buried by his friends and with his friends.



The 101 Club Vision includes disc golf, prayer tepees, additional softball fields, RV camping spots, shower house, amphitheater and much more. There are no pets allowed.